Course Description

Are you afraid of the downosaur?

Does your web site work when customers are offline?

Have you tried to use appCache only to walk away in defeat?

Fear no more!

Service Workers offer a rich browser caching experience that help you slay the downosaur!
Service Workers make offline and asset caching natural. Are you ready to cache your web site's assets?
This course reviews some of the most common caching patterns. You will learn over 15 different foundational caching patterns. The course also covers core service worker Cache API features and concepts.

The course includes nearly 3 hours of instructional videos, slide decks and source code.

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Chris Love

Chris Love is a front-end web developer for companies who are lost in the sea of modern web and user experience standards. Recently, he immersed himself in responsive web design, single-page web applications and web performance optimization. Chris runs a small web consulting company, Love2Dev, that creates user-first web applications that operate on all device classes. He also consults with companies to help them engage end users and operate more efficiently. He has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals, ranging from mom and pop shops through major corporate brands, to build modern web experiences.A Leader, Author and SpeakerChris authored 3 web development books including, High Performance Single Page Web Applications, He is a Microsoft MVP, ASP Insider and Edge User Agent. Chris regularly speaks at user groups, code camps and developer conferences. He blogs at and is active on Twitter, @ChrisLove.Through his blog, speaking and books, he aims to shake up your approach to web development while making it feel like fun. His insights and opinions have been featured in various magazines, popular podcasts, and web sites. When he’s not working on front-end development, you can find him spending time with his step-kids, learning karate, training for Spartan races and serving on his church board of directors.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Service Worker Caching Introduction

  • 2

    Introduction to the Service Worker Cache API

  • 3

    PreCache - On Install as a Dependency

    • Cache Scenarios On Install as Dependency

    • On Install as Dependency Code Walk Through

  • 4

    Lazy Load - On Install Not as a Dependency

    • Cache Scenarios On Install Not as Dependency

    • On Install Not as Dependency Code Walk Through

  • 5

    On Activate

    • On Activate

    • On Activate Code Walk Through

  • 6

    On User Interaction

    • On User Interaction

    • On User Interaction Code Walk Through

  • 7

    On Network Response

    • On Network Response

    • On Network Response Code Walk Through

  • 8


    • Stale While Revalidate

    • Stale While Revalidate Code Walk Through

  • 9

    On Push Message

    • On Push Notification

    • On Push Code Walk Through

  • 10

    On Background-Sync

    • On Background Sync

    • On Background Sync Code Walk Through

  • 11

    Cache Only

    • Cache Only

    • Cache Only Code Walk Through

  • 12

    Network Only

    • Network Only

    • Network Only Code Walk Through

  • 13

    Cache, Falling Back to Network

    • Cache Falling Back to the Network

    • Cache Falling Back to the Network Code Walk Through

  • 14

    Cache and Network Race

    • Cache and Network Race

    • Cache and Network Race Code Walk Through

  • 15

    Network Falling Back to Cache

    • Network Falling Back to Cache

    • Network Falling Back to Cache Code Walk Through

  • 16

    Cache Then Network

    • Cache Then Network

    • Cache Then Network Code Walk Through

  • 17

    Generic Fallback

    • Generic Fallback

    • Generic Fallback Code Walk Through

  • 18

    Service Worker-Side Templating

    • Service Worker Templating

    • Service Worker Templating Code Code Walk Through

  • 19

    Practical Demonstration of Service Worker Caching

    • Practiacal Application Refactoring and Utility functions

    • Practical Application Fetch Event Should Cache Function

    • Practical Application Fetch Event Fetch Function

    • Practical Application Fetch Caching Demo

    • Practical Application Fetch Caching Demo trimCache

    • Practical Application Fetch Caching Demo part offline fallback

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