Web sites have suffered too long with a perception they cannot compete with native apps. Fortunately knowledge of proper web development practices can narrow the perceived gap. But modern web standards like service workers are not only eliminating the gap between web and native, they are vaulting web apps beyond native applications as a choice for customer engagement and line of business applications.

Progressive Web Apps are web sites that take advantage of these new standards and capabilities to create experiences customers want. Sites can not only work reliably offline, they can load instantly. Meeting basic PWA requirements will trigger the browser to prompt your users to add the web site to their home screen. But of course there is more to it than just triggering a home screen prompt.

This bundle includes all of our progressive web application courses. You will be guided through introductory and advanced progressive web application techniques.

The courses include:

  • Introduction to Service Workers
  • Service Worker Life Cycle
  • Practical Service Worker Caching

Each course includes PDF slides, conceptual teaching, code examples and development walk throughs.

You will complete these courses and be a master of Progressive Web Application development.